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Summertime Blues # 2, The         completed: 1997-07-08    release(s): joefolk2 © Roger Manning
Summertime Blues #2
1997-07-08 15:15

She had a small town and country kind of heat
none of that L.I./So.Cal. neurotic hard to get
none of that holding out for any bullshit

she's like, "in the barn?"
and i'm like, "ok"
"in the pond"
middle of the day
"in the pines?"

she says, "I'll strip for your student film project
and drain you up against the door after..."
I'm like, "Yeah, and dance for me in your room
and I get to touch."
and she's like, "Yeah, of course!"

"on the table?"
in the creek bed,
middle of the day
waiting in the closet for everyone to go away...

sweaty, slippery, sloshing around
up in the summertime attic
it gets so hard
and hard to hang on
it's so burning hot in there baby

"out on the rockface then?"
middle of the lake
"in the stationwagon,
the whole family up front?"

apples are love out in a field
farm kids yelling, "hey! where you going?!"
we're going to the edge of town sucker.

"in the rain?"
groping in the graveyard,
middle of the day
"in these pines?"
"yeah, hurry!"

"in the barn?"
"this way!"
naked in the pond,
long hot summer day...