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White Rose Blues, The         completed: 2007-10-04    release(s): © Roger Manning
The White Rose Blues

[moderately - C#m (Am with capo 4th fret)]

Intro: C ( c d g b e then c d g c e ) ...

Am C
Oh, Sophie, Sophie oh,
nothing more startling or beautiful
White Rose blooming
in the deepest darkest canyon
found out everything
and couldn't live
doing nothing
cut down

oh Sophie, Sophie oh,
the White Rose won't leave us in peace
eliminated every excuse
for doing nothing
and gave the so-called fatherland
a fragment of redemption
will we be able to do the same?

I know
3000 died for our sins,
but thieves sold out our cleansing for petroleum
yes, we deserve the regime we're willing to endure

oh, but Sophie, Sophie Scholl
from Munchen to Rostock
Seattle to Liberty Plaza
from the White Rose to the black flag,
legions of you now

youth against fascism
"a noble treason"
spike the tree...
with reason
nothing more startling

or beautiful
than what you and the others did

oh Sophie, Sophie oh,
"the sun still shines."