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Waterloo Blues #2, The         completed: 1996-09-11    release(s): © Roger Manning
Waterloo 2

feels pretty good singing lowly on the curb
in the middle of the night it took half of
to find this place again
and the song's come true
i've gone so far
it ain't me coming back to waterloo

shel's right, sometimes it's all just for the blast
that get's you up to speed to break orbit
the big fast-forward
feel the power
of heartbreak

seen my lucky number shining
by wild chance
in the nightstreets of crazy paris
seen that seeing anyone as a shiny thing
is gonna fuck you up
every time

i had this trilogy of epiphanies
a little tale of three cities not be alone
ain't reason enough
because they're so into it
ain't reason enough

going across the sea, across the line
took half the night to find this place again
and sing lowly on the peaceful curb