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Driving Blues #5, The         completed: 1996-08-26    release(s): fyhand © Roger Manning
Driving Blues #5 (Pearly Blues #9)
1996-08-26 23:30

be a rock star and see the world without joining the army
check out places built when the plane was still flat,
when culture was young,
and though everything revolved around it

i go to the continent and get blown away by babes and architecture
then come home to a billion people who say their
still, I'm proud to be from the America that brings you the simpsons
- play music and see it without driving a truck

i like to get so far west that El Paso is east,
so high up that mustard shoots when you open it.
flying-by several white pioneer days an hour
a million cacti giving you the finger

everything's a stereogram
memory daydreams ride shotgun
liz say, "ghost are just us from the future"
a rainbow touches down and sucks up color

on the american autobahn in no-speedlimit montana
a highway patrol guy parks roadside
looking like a maytag repairman
and reads the funnies

...she said the trick is learn to not do that shit
that makes you fell like you're trapped inside and idiot
use all your hot air to float your ass on up out of there
up to where the mustard shoots and you can see for miles

...make a living off your misery
and kick ass without becoming a cop or joining the army

a rainbow touches down on the highway
I guess that makes the road the pot of gold

G Bb
G Bb C Bb G