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Town         completed: 1986-00-00    release(s): joefolk2, fyhand © Roger Manning

mature-maple-leafy-green clapboard-frontporch-white smalltown
old central new york state stagecoach stop never got big town
my girlfriend lives on main street town
hot sunny afternoon not much going on town
so we walk...
to the end of not-so-long sidestreet that becomes a weaving
between hills and farms along creeks past cows long-walk-to-
get-anywhere only-occasional-car-passing farmer-into-town
to a meadow
and it's to-be-hidden-in grove of small trees that do not provide
enough keep-clothing-dry shelter
from the sudden hotsummerafternoon rainstorm
with its parcel of earth refreshment...
in the interest of love fun
in the interest of dry clothes
in the interest of new-found hidingplace joy
we become naked
wet summerrain bodykiss
surging joy of eros
on top of clothing ground pallet.
the storm passes
late afternoon peaceful-calm-in-dry-clothes walk home
smiles and wet hair