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Rescued Blues, The         completed: 2008-03-20    release(s): © Roger Manning
Rescued Blues

Freecellin' all night long
with Amy and Simone
"I Am The Man" back to back
with "Back to Black"
(on) fancy stereo
someone threw out
and I was like,
"and you thought it was over
no way, youíre coming with me"

diving and thriving
golden corridor
one eye always to the curb
dive deep, don't leave a mess
see something good, and Iím like,
"and you thought it was over
no way, I'll give you to one of my friends
when they come over for
free (library) movies
and rescued food"

Freecellin' all night
with Simone and Amy
good old 98
don't need no Vista
got brilliant sisters
in heavy rotation
and the fake card game

Manhattan golden corridor
and it feels like it's over
maybe not,
take me home or give me away

freegan love

diving team