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Anniversary Blues, The         completed: 1996-05-11    release(s): fyhand © Roger Manning
anniversary blues

rid'n on this train
got stars in my eyes
steamy daydreams
but the cracked bell refused to ring the same again
maybe it turned back into the jar that hope monsters live in

my arms are clear, no tattoos, no marks of you
only the "golden footprint that no-one will ever remove"
and the shovel you left too

that was a little piece of me from now that made you so sad
in that dream you had
years ago
i guess you heard the crying through "the walls of time"

bad timing of patience and forgiveness
we'll go dutch paying for this
i stole "spy in the house of love"
read it
and put it back
stole some protection too
but there ain't no protection from such lethal rejection
it's a sex-esteem thing.

sometimes ignorance can spare you being scarred for life
by what really shouldn't matter
i turned out to be the one
i really couldn't live without
(if you were really so wonderful you'd be here now)

riding on this train, stars in my eyes
smart, brave, strong incredible skin and true to her feelings
irresistible combination
great company on our anniversary...

...i lost hold of myself in the foggy cumberland gap
when you pass that way maybe you could bring me back