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East 5th St. Blues #5, The         completed: 1994-08-23    release(s): moll, fyhand © Roger Manning
The East 5th St. Blues #5

me and bobby
avenue B
three part harmony
"bury me
beneath the willow"
up to her sleeping window
angel-sister-mother, it's your brother-father-lover

ah man, i done my best friend
bare shoulders proved too much
one missing may evening
a missing long time ago
for the the angel-sister-mother, brother-father-lover

down in the willow garden my true love and i did sit
beneath her magic sage and oil
quilts and candles window
a horny long time ago

...on me deep she sat
arching her pretty back
that i'd rubbed in her bath
before pressing her to her bed
on and on
a steamy long time ago...
angel-sister-mother, brother-father-lover

she sat in her full bloom garden window
thinking of "blue eyes, lips, the scent of soft sweet skin
and how long it had been"
and waiting for me to return

now bury this beneath the willow
that grows up to the empty window
if everything was a long time ago
and if it's not too soon to be too late
for the angel-sister-mother, brother-father-lover