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Hitchhikers Blues #5, The         completed: 1994-08-23    release(s): moll © Roger Manning
The Hitchhiker's Blues #5 (Midnight Blues)

cafe scum dis the smiling bum
he says, "don't get mad, go find some good people"
flavor of the month sit and pay to talk the night away
meanwhile we're over in the park waiting for midnight

tasteful prison, roots of discontent
in L.A., main is a one-way street
in ny, we're in the park
waiting for midnight

our country feels very small
our city feels very small
our loisaida feels very small....
about as big as emma's* old bench loaded with friends
who know what time it is
meanwhile, millions trade in life for "law and order"
and end their day at midnight

most everyone's either selling lies or buying them
or maybe you're dangerous because you've got your own head
if that's true, then we love you
we're in the park waiting for midnight

* Emma Goldman