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Hitchhikers Blues #4, The         completed: 1993-02-25    release(s): moll © Roger Manning
The Hitchhiker's Blues #4

false prophet radio says,
"god is writing on the walls of your heart"
watch the cops haul her away
while the religious right rushes in to scrub it off

false prophet radio says,
"god and communism will never happen together"
they don't see the light
where there's no profit
that's right...

everyone's dying to carry a torch
but look at the shit they get handed
it's got people looking up
instead of looking in
and taking their dreams more seriously
fascists in the name of god
the religious right is wrong
driven to ruin by fear and guilt
fear is the root of all bullshit
that's right...

jesus is alright
but these hate preaching fake "christians"
are a bunch of fucking pigs!
afraid to get laid
afraid of gays

if they want to offer wisdom i'll listen
but when they try to control the law, fuck 'em
guilt is cheap, get your fear out of my face
we think for ourselves around here
ain't that right?!

hypocrisy radio says, "god is writing on the walls of your heart"
believe what you will, then find the guts
to enjoy people for their differences
ain't no keeping the truth
from eventually blowing down your door
fascists in the name of god,
your religious right is wrong...