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Pearly Blues #5, The         completed: 1993-02-17    release(s): fyhand © Roger Manning
The Pearly Blues #5 (East 5th St. Blues #4)

trying to beat the sunrise to my door
on my favorite holiday the full moon
writing and writing
and another book of life runs out of pages
i wouldn't even notice the passing days
but for the hairs on my face

incensing the room
with your burning love letters

started out tonight a person
ended up such a 'man'
tell me now it stings, then leave me standing the rain
you want me to care
i do the best i can

all these strangers or you
either way i win, either way i lose

a secret affair cheating on no one but ourselves
i'm fire
and thought i'd find myself on your red hair
but it was only henna.
don't change for me
what do i do when you change back?
am i supposed to admire you for being yourself and taking off?
i think i'd admire you a lot more
for being yourself with me
and i don't want to go back
i want to move on
with you

it's the 14th
the moon is almost full
if i don't die tonight i probably never will
it wasn't fire
it was only henna
but that's alright

...all these strangers or you