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Pearly Blues #6, The         completed: 1993-01-22    release(s): moll, joefolk2, fyhand © Roger Manning
The Pearly Blues #6 (Explanation Blues)

it's a song
you gotta play the fucker not let it smother like
so many sad beginner guitars deserted in dusty closets by
unrequited lifers across this fat nation

i've got a pile of guitars, but no vcr
i want to be a movie
a good one
the kind you want to see over and over again

the book store shelves heave with sex
the isles are strafed with intriguing women
(i don't notice the men so much)
poet girl is who i fancy i'd like to be
beautiful girl is who i fancy i am
either way i'm not searching for my mother
(i think i'm looking for my grandmother)
am i "chasing you to get the rib back?"
who knows,
but maybe someday
i'll tell someone everything

i like your company, i love your body
i like you liking me,
and being the best again for a little while
sure you could break my heart,
but first you gotta climb the death mountain,
swim the burning ocean, cross the lonesome valley
and still there's no guarantee

angels who've ridden shotgun through the worst of my shit
will tell you it's not worth it
but they all quit
so no-one can know for sure, can they?
water from the rusty pipe comes clean eventually
and maybe someday
i'll tell someone everything

she ain't afraid
she knows everything is temporary
(me, i never learned this)
she calls me a "major coquette"
when i reel 'em in, toss 'em back, piss 'em off
sure i care, but so what? i've died a million times myself
and besides, what attracts people usually turns 'em off
in the end, so i'm putting music first
it won't desert me like that
i won't shave and you won't forget that it hurts to hold me
don't worry, i won't do anything to you that i wouldn't
do to myself
expectations fouled you up but you think having feelings
is the problem
i guess that's why you party the way you do
and your heart seems so young
i see the fly of truth hovering for your windshield face
i'm not sure if i should say anything
but maybe someday
i'll tell someone everything

tonight life is the black sky
way out over the empty ocean
i circled 146 hundred hundred miles
then did it again in the other direction just to be here
last spring "thin white rope,"
throwing seeds into barren soil
when the big red flowers didn't come out
i knew i was in for it

naked on the kitchen floor,
if god forgives them who forgive themselves
then i gotta lotta work to do
in a sad world where you can't win having never lost
it seems you can turn anything into story
and maybe someday
i'll tell someone


"angel" as meant here, is a person who becomes your
best friend just when you needed one. frequently, they are
someone who desires you sexually. in any case they often become
a major catalyst in you life