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Hitchhikers Blues #2, The         completed: 1991-07-09    release(s): shimmy, sss © Roger Manning
The Hitchhiker's Blues #2 (Pearly Blues #3)

no riders, no strangers
no naked feet.
leave the dharma bum to die by the side of the road,
a little fountain of truth, spitting out pearls
he kept walking or he'd be there still, his bones in the sun
by the side of the road

it's my life, i'm stealing it back, how ever long that takes
rilke said, "ten years is nothing" (that's a poet for ya).
this living by the car ain't living, but learn to play in the dirt again
and they 'll just leave you by the side of the road

when have and have-not, got and ain't got square off
a lot of people are gonna wish they'd read more
instead of just staying in school, watching tv
and doing what they were told
and leaving all else by the side of the road.

gotta lose that fear of a black planet,
fear of the end of the world as we've been shown it
live by the car, die by the car,
gotta learn to plan on the dirt, it's only dirt

who's fooling who?
fool's in control
the man who ain't half the man he used to be
never really was
and there's a certain violence in honesty, isn't there?
by the side of the road...