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Pacifica Blues, The         completed: 1991-00-00    release(s): shimmy, sss © Roger Manning
The Pacifica Blues

if doing something a thousand times
would guarantee that it'd be done right
wouldn't everything be so much easier?

greed written all over his face
strife all over the place
they keep acting on their fear
it ain't the end of the world
but you can see it from here

networks net a massive catch of brainwashed
who might act different if they knew

but then a good song
comes on the Pacifica radio
and longing for something to believe in
people take to the street singing
"no justice, no peace"

i ain't from the peace movement
i'm from the anti-bullshit movement
history has taught me
not that i was willing to listen
i just couldn't help it

it was a good song
it was the truth only louder
and i took to the street
to speak with my feet

and people noticed
and were astonished
no one had told them of any opposition
to what they'd been led to believe in.
And most of them didn't really want to know
but a few joined in because they couldn't
stand the lies any more.

and it was a good song
it was the truth only louder
and hoping for something to believe in
people took the streets
to make the truth even louder...