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Busybody Blues, The         completed: 1990-09-11    release(s): shimmy, fyhand © Roger Manning
The Busybody Blues (The East 6th St. Blues)

the whole neighborhood's telling me i'm hooked on a junkie
what do they know?!

carrying bits of fishnet in the studs of my jeans
kissed my lips raw this week
i may be sad but i ain't lonely.
quit trying to tell me i'm in love,
i'm always like this

two honeys
one bear
happens all the time, why should anyone care?
but they do this time
people go around worrying they
ain't good enough for each other
and hating you for what you might be
and little confession can go a long way
if the bathtub were a wishing well
things might start to add up

to really be appreciated is to be appreciated by the
really appreciated
she's such a jewel, so beautiful
i always look better in her mirror

don't bother trying to hide it baby
they all know about us
'cause in a crowd
i'm the only one that never tries
to pick you up
and a little confession can go a long way
i am
a pendulum...

i've never seen as face as smooth,
a smile as ancient
close your eyes, part your lips
passion is such a delicate thing
and a little confession can go a long way
i want to be your man,
but i can't

the whole neighborhood thinks i'm hooked on a junkie
they ain't even close
and a little confusion can go a long way...