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Dallas Blues, The         completed: 1990-00-00    release(s): shimmy, sss © Roger Manning
The Dallas Blues

joey wants to shed some light
joey wants to shed some light
a lot people in the dark (they still believe in santa claus)
and george wants to keep it that way
he's lying like crazy
so joey lights up a flag
to shed a little light (the crazy guy)

the country sold its soul
for a little peace of mind
hired a big gun against the poor
against the big red threat
but when you've sold your soul
there really ain't nothing left to protect
do know what i mean?
do you know what i'm talking about?
well, if you don't then it's time you found out

skinhead nazis in the park, they want to
put out that fire in old glory
after all, how can you sleep when your flag is burning?
but if the flag has a will of it's own
it'd probably set itself on fire
like those war protesters
if the flag had a will of it's own
it'd probably through itself onto the floor
to bring attention to all the rotten things done in it's name
a lot of lying, a lot of dying
the american flag stays up all night crying
do you know what i mean?!

i turned off classic-rock-oldies car radio
and listened to a hundred highways tell the tires
about all the people in this country
who have the guts to treat the world right
they're confused, don't know what to do
yeah, me too

but there's a certain peace of mind
in knowing that you're right
when history takes a day off
and they come to wreck your life
remind them that your country
was founded on freedom of choice

do you know what i mean?
do you know what i'm talking about?
hey, if we cant' talk about these things
we really can't talk at all