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Beautiful Blues, The         completed: 1999-02-23    release(s): © Roger Manning
The Beautiful Blues

if I honor your beauty
will you let me be?

Stupid sad poet boy will always
toss a lifetime of domestic bliss
for ten minutes with some princess
her lovely mouth
"come here you", she says as she
takes you in

Man oh man
look at the mood I'm in
Nietzche at night
I should know better than that!
Time to bail
maybe it's pride
maybe it's self respect.
If I honor your vanity
will you go?

You're stale and flat
she's seven-up,
my sparkling new friend
lets ya come right up to her
tame squirrel girl

Ten minutes with the princess
"come here you", she says.
deleted that message
with extreme prejudice
no more excuses please.

Nietzche on a grey Sunday
I should know better than that.