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Pearly Blues # 11, The         completed: 1998-02-27    release(s): fyhand © Roger Manning
The Pearly Blues #11

god, you're such a drug,
i'd get in line if i knew how...

blessed with a little context
flying into a scream of consciousness
"in the first person spectacular"
like henry in june.
expressing a little outrage on stage,
am i interesting enough now
to be poor and still get over?

sometimes i long to be a "real man" swimming upstream to spawn and die
but i'm too adolescent financially.
less a man, more a phase (for the ladies)

funny how that guy over there's better at almost everything
but i'd still rather be me.
i could never walk that walk for long
and as for that friend on his arm
sure, i can appreciate a lamborghini,
doesn't mean i'd actually want to be with one.
(invitation to objectification)

Out on the coast
dj shadow's sifting through the vinyl
for his next cd
not me,
i'm out on the road
gas food logic
over by the national guard aviary
and something to catch me when i come.

on my back an ocean of lotion
and someone special to rub it in
i turn over and we're gone until dawn
shades of gravy
and the big sky lets loose right after i do

blessed with the gift of context
i see that most all of my strife is bullshit
just a set of holograms from egoland
acid might of shown me sooner,
but I passed on that shortcut
in anycase
anyone's goal is to like themselves.
...are you a warm person? then that's where i want to be
i know you know you know
and that i'll never entirely understand
but i want you to try and explain to me
"in the first person spectacular"
like henry.