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Roger Manning / Lawn Chair Frontier
April 7th, 1998

New York's legendary Roger Manning played at Atlanta's legendary Dottie's recently. Roger is well known for his one man folk/punk shows. The words to his songs are more poem-stories than lyrics. With just a guitar (or a bass) and some vocals, this guy puts on a more energetic show than most bands I've seen. If that ain't good enough for ya', he used to be on SST, and Greg Ginn ate spaghetti at his house one time. So check him out next time he comes to town!

As for Lawn Chair Frontier, I'm in that band, so I can't review us objectively. We had some of the jazz guys from Democracy of Chaos onstage with us, and we did our spontaneous, improv rock thing. I had a good time anyways...

-- Chico