Roger Manning

San Francisco Bay Guardian

preview 5-19-99

RM Much to the consternation of working stiffs hurriedly dashing into java joints for a quick fix, Roger Manning is very likely the sort who leisurely reads paperback novels on the couch midday, jots musings on napkins, and scribbles in sketchbooks. He also in-line skates around different cities, assessing their skater friendliness for His latest collection of mental effluvia, Fuck You Have a Nice Day, was published by NYC's Soft Skull Press, home to the writings of King Missile's John S. Hall, Grant Lee Phillips, Michael Stipe, and Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo. However, Manning is best recognized onstage, singing songs and playing guitar. But don't call him a folk artist. He hails from the anti-folk genre, its' stronghold in NYC's Lower East Side ("the last place where you could still wear black clothes, make lousy art and have a good time," he chided on his third CD). Equal parts troubadour, stand-up comic, and spoken word artist, Manning works up a pretty good lather, playing his acoustic guitar with punk rock's heavy strumming and engaging the audience with a jabber-jaw wit, a storyteller's eye, and the sparring ability of the funniest Politically Incorrect guest.
Wed/19, 9 p.m., Hotel Utah
(Howard Myint) -San Francisco Bay Guardian