Roger Manning

Joe Folk and the Soho Valley Boys review ('90)

Option Magazine

Joe Folk and the Soho Valley Boys:
Missile Foundation

Hangin' out for about 90 minutes with a cool crew of about eight New Yorkers who ooze forth a zippy brew of poetry and dementia that could come from nowhere else. An Impressive variety of sounds -some wigged-out songs and covers, some excellent poetry recitations over ominous fuzzed guitar, a few country and folk standards with hilarious original lyrics, eavesdropping on impromptu conversations with cool chicks and dudes, a predominant mood of a great party time. Roger Manning is responsible for most of the composition and poetry. "The Old Crossroads" is the best track on the tape, redone with heavy, plaintive yet tongue-in-cheek singing over fuzz guitar, banjo and mandolin, with a long jam filled with effects -it all works beautifully! "New York-Hoboken" powerfully wrings the grit out of this axis against an insistent, hellish guitar riff. There's also some long interesting fuzz guitar noodling scattered about narratives over evocative fiddle-and-rhythm; banjo (played by "Banjovi"), bongos, organ, harmonica. I envision these crazies as resident Sohoers who love their scene and their city, and make the world a better place to live.

      -Jack Jordan