Roger Manning

Eurotowns from '95 skating

Paris: 7.5 -- Paris rocks on skates at 3 AM! Skaters hang next to the Notre Dame and across the river from the Eiffel Tower in the daytime.

Amsterdam: 7.5 -- This place rocks. City of bicycles. A bit tricky (bike paths are paved with bricks) but very do-able and very cool. Holland (and W. Germany) is full of bike paths, which is great for us.

Brussels: 6.5 -- Watch for potholes. Cool grungy old town.

London: 6 -- Gravelly, sucky pavement (you can use sidewalks at night) and the traffic can be treacherous but I dug it anyway. A lot of cool smooth paths in Hyde/Kensington Park.

Dublin: 4 -- Same shitty pavement as London and some mean people too.

Galway: 5 -- Small but friendly. Nice bayside path.

Prague: 2 -- Murderous "pavement" but very scenic.

Berlin: 7 -- Pavement varies. A lot to explore. Pretty cool to skate through the Brandenbrug Gate.

Dresden: 5 -- Crazy reconstructed ancient palaces at 2 AM. Wow!

Hamburg: 6 -- A lot of it looks the same. Map recommended.

Copenhagen: 7 -- A main hazard for many men and some women is wiping out from not watching where you're going.

Geneva: 6.5 -- A little hilly but nice. Skated to France a couple different ways. Hot-shot skaters down by the lake.

Zurich/Lucerne: 5.5 -- Followed trolley tracks to keep from getting lost.

Vienna: 6 -- Pretty cool town.

Salzburg: 5 -- Small and scenic.

Munich: 6 -- Confusing.

Frankfurt: 5 -- Nice river path.

Munster: 6 -- Real nice circular "promenade" bike path where the ancient city wall used to be.